About Us
We selected Eastbay I.T. Consulting Inc. because of their technical talent & capability, their project management wherewithal and most of all, their customer management & customer relationship...
Eastbay I.T. Consulting set up and installed our computers and server and they have provided ongoing technical support since 2001. Their service response is prompt and always handled in a pleasant man...
As a medium-sized private equity asset manager with no permanent IT staff, Timbercreek requires capable, reliable, cost effective computer consulting support. Eastbay I.T. Consulting Inc. has continua...

About Us

Located at 411 Richmond St E, in the heart of downtown Toronto, Eastbay I.T. Consulting Inc. is a project consulting, and outsourced IT service solution provider for small to large enterprises

Founded by Jeff Ridout in 1999, Eastbay I.T. Consulting Inc. has been making its footprint in the IT Service industry for 20 years as a project consulting and outsourced IT service & solutions provider catering to the SMB & Mid-markets.

We have partnered with leading hardware, software and service vendors across the I.T. Industry and possess the certifications along with the practical experience to handle all of our clients’ needs. Holding a strong focus on the latest and greatest technologies, we provide the highest level of service to all of our clients. With the launch of our Managed Services (EMS) back in January of 2008; we have been able to greatly improve how we maintain and support our clients’ network and IT infrastructures. EMS alerts us of any inconsistencies so we can take the necessary measures before the effects can be felt on our clients’ end – saving both time and money.

Why work with Eastbay I.T. Consulting:

Try it for free!

For the duration of Trial Period you have an access to the whole range of services including networking, advanced computer security, technical support, backup solutions and many others. There are no obligations to proceed. Eastbay I.T. Managed Services is a cost-effective way to supplement your organization’s internal resources. Our goal is to establish a good relationship with our clients so that we can best plan and service on an as-needed basis.

Eastbay Managed IT Service benefits include:

  • faster implementation of IT resources
  • higher levels of security and reliability within the IT environment
  • lowered operating costs and improved ROI
  • more efficient management of in-house resources and personnel
  • better systems performance
  • less downtime and better customer service

Additional benefits include:

  • Proactive monitoring and management
  • Fault management
  • 24x7x365 maintenance support
  • Performance management and reporting
  • Continuous life-cycle management including: configuration management, service upgrades (adds, moves, changes), and service evolution planning

Eastbay I.T. Consulting Managed services simplify IT operations and reduce investment by delivering systems and applications as an externally administered service. They provide organizations with predictable monthly costs, access to best-of-breed IT and the latest applications – all without the costly and pain-staking need to overhaul IT systems regularly. Managed services also provide 24x7x365 IT administration services, allowing your IT personnel (if you have it) to focus on strategic issues.

Eastbay I.T. Consulting Difference

Complete managed service solutions for your network needs. Delivered from an experienced, innovative provider committed to meeting and exceeding customer expectations:

  • Seamless reach, reliability, and performance
  • Operational excellence
  • Dedicated customer care
  • Service evolution and investment protection