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Virtualization is a new approach to IT management of IT infrastructure. It allows you to allocate virtual resources to various business units as needed. Overall, it helps to control whole IT infrastructure and allows reaching its full potential. It enables you to rapidly provision test development servers by reusing pre-configures systems, enhances your developer collaboration and standardizes your environment.

Virtualization improves your business in the following aspects:

  • Server Consolidation and Containment – Prevents sprawl and platform dependencies from distracting you from   your business goals
  • Software Lifecycle Automation – Streamlines adjacent yet often disconnected processes, and closes the gaps between them
  • Business Continuity – Reduce the cost and complexity of business continuity by allocating entire systems into single files to minimize downtime
  • Storage Virtualization – With a fully concise solution you can render centralized storage to gain better and simpler management, data sharing and improved availability

Eastbay virtualization will enable you to allocate your virtual resources more efficiently to various business units. Also it will provide you with ability and power to optimize your infrastructure in real time. It will help your business:

  • To lower hardware and operating cost (by)
  • Decrease Downtime (by)
  • Decrease spending for every server workload virtualized
  • Increase your utilization of existing hardware up to % from %
  • Reduce your hardware requirements by / ratio or better