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Dell Compellent

Storage Center 6.0

Next-Generation Architecture with Built-in Investment Protection

Storage Center 6.0 provides a new foundation for the future of Compellent’s enterprise storage, delivering the enhanced efficiency and agility SAN administrators expect from a 64-bit operating system while extending the virtualized storage capabilities of Compellent’s Storage Center features.

Leveraging your existing hardware and without impacting datacenter uptime, Storage Center 6.0 increases the value of Dell’s Fluid Data technology by delivering several key capabilities that augment the compelling benefits of previous versions:

– Storage Center 6.0 extends Compellent’s Data Progression capability to deliver up to 80 percent reduction in storage TCO.

– Storage Center 6.0 can deliver up to 13% additional storage TCO savings.

 With advanced tiering, thin provisioning and replication features, the Dell Compellent SAN uses a modular design to enable existing Compellent data centers to realize immediate improvements by upgrading to the new firmware without a rip-and-replace process. Storage Center 6.0 extends Compellent’s promise to put data in the right place, at the right time, for the right cost.


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